WordPress, wordpress.org, and wordpress.com

Your Escort Site‘ uses the WordPress software. This makes creating and editing web pages quite easy, so it’s what we use for nearly all of our clients’ sites too.

Every time it is updated – several times a year – the new version of the WordPress software is downloaded and installed from wordpress.org, the website that hosts the development of the software. (It also has lots of other things for the software, like themes and plugins too.)

We are not the only people using the WordPress software – at the moment, somewhere between a fifth and a quarter of all active websites use it!* The biggest is the wordpress.com blogging site, owned by the same people who own wordpress.org.

Would it be easier if three different things weren’t all commonly known as ‘WordPress’? Yes, but it’s too late to change things now…

.. so just remember that WordPress the software is a different thing than wordpress.com the website, even though it uses the same software as we do. It’s also different from wordpress.org, which is the website people like us get the software from.

* Amongst other things, this means if we disappear, clients will find it very easy to find someone else who can help them host and maintain it.

** It does also mean that there are a lot of nasty people who specialise in breaking into WordPress sites – but we do everything we can to stop them, and no-one’s managed to hack a YES site yet.

** They probably won’t be as nice though :)

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