Escort SEO

Or, ‘If I were evil, I would be rich’.

We would all love to be on the first page of Google* search results for every conceivable search, but with the default settings, only ten can be. Google won’t let you advertise “websites promoting escort services or related content”** via its AdWords any more either. So this creates a market for ‘search engine optimization’*** or SEO for short. In exchange for your hard earned money, they sort of promise that they’ll do their best to get you a better result. Perhaps.. maybe.. no guarantees..

Some recent posts on the SAAFE message board have highlighted both the cost of these services and what they’ve done for the money. One woman was charged £250 for a year’s SEO service. What that bunch seems to have done is put two lines of possible search terms in her page and add a link to themselves (the more links you have to your site, the better Google likes you). It’s not clear that they made any links to her site anywhere, but their terms and conditions did forbid her from making any changes to it without their written permission. When she wanted to change her domain, they didn’t reply to her.

Another was persuaded by the people who created her website to sign up for a £150 a month SEO service. Although she was soon concerned this was a waste of money (and those concerns looked justified), she was worried that stopping it would lead to them making unauthorised alterations to her site.

Part of the problem is that it is virtually impossible to get (and keep) a front page ranking for searches like ‘London escort’. Even some directories have problems – one of the big ones aimed at the gay market for male escorts has spent years alternating from being in the top half of the front page and nowhere as Google change the rules or effectively ban them for using naughty methods to try to beat their competitors.

The two solutions are getting listed on the directories that do feature people like you (most of them are free) and coming up with content that people like. The multitude of links to them are why the directories dominate the top pages for the basic searches. In the big cities, it will be difficult to match them for the basic searches, but you can do it for something more personal to what you’re offering.

The four things that you want are content, content, content, and links.

Dealing with the first three first, a site that says ‘Hi, I am an escort, I will do these things, I look like this, seeing me will cost that, and you can contact me by…’ is competing for attention with thousands of others. So you need more: write stuff!

You will have a blog for example, use it! Not only does it mean more people link to you, but potential clients can go ‘Oh, they like [something they like] too…’ which makes them much more likely to book you.

Links to your site can come from ‘link swaps’ with other escorts (they link to you, you link to them), or making sure that whenever you are mentioned, there’s a link to your site.

But the SAAFE posts did get me looking at who are the top listings for ‘escort SEO’ at the moment. Do you really want to pay hundreds of pounds to people who write this about building a website with WordPress:

You are going to be glad regarding the word press site, and you will feel too challenging to generate a site, it’s simple to build a internet site with wordpress. All you need to search the tutorials available to develop a internet site with wordpress. Right after that you simply need to follow the required things to develop a site with wordpress. But in complete you should understand you will need c panel to construct a website with wordpress.

(First paragraph of a blog article on Adult SEO Service website, currently in the top Google spot!)

Now I sort of understand what they’re saying – cPanel is a program for controlling a server – but it gets even worse later on: “In case you have several domains of you, you can’t get them within the key search engines”, anyone?) I wonder if it’s automated plagiarism. For more on that, see here.

* Other search engines exist, and if Google keeps trying to be evil, some of them may get more popular, but at the moment, Google still dominates.

** This includes us, annoyingly. It does look like they’ll let you promote porn (‘adult’) website design though.

*** Or ‘search engine optimisation’, depending on your spelling checker settings.

6 thoughts on “Escort SEO

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    1. YourEscortSite Post author

      The previous comment is an example of comment spam, which is what some of the grubbier SEO set ups engage in. The idea is that, by default, if the poster gives a website address when posting a comment, the name they give becomes a link to that website when displayed. Google loves links to sites, and so spammers can get things like Adult SEO services to point to their / a client’s website.

      You’ll note that it’s flattering, but not entirely literate. The former is because they want you to approve such comments (who doesn’t want to be told that their site is great?) and the latter is because of a mix of a) not having English as their first language (I couldn’t spam in German or Hindi or Chinese!) and b) trying to avoid spam filters by being slightly different on each of the thousands of sites they post to.

      Somewhat surprisingly, it passed the spam filter in use here, the Akismet plugin. Perhaps they’ve only posted it to a few sites, for once. There’s an email address (which you can’t see, but which, as someone with an account on the site, I can) but as these are almost always faked, I’m not going to bother emailing it. I did have to approve it before it became visible though, because – as with all YES sites – I changed the default settings to make sure that’s the case. (Amongst WordPress’s faults are that it’s setup by default to be a spam comment magnet.) First, though, I took the opportunity to delete the website address that they were trying to promote :)

      The lesson from this is that if you enable comments on your site and don’t also enable the Akismet plugin (or another anti-spam solution), you will end up with tens of thousands of these. Google, and everyone else, will think you’re just a spam link site and ignore you. And we wouldn’t want that to happen.

  2. niki you do promotion for esort agency?
    if yes,whats includind in price?how much is cost?and when it possible to be on first page of Google?
    do you exchange banners,links?
    sorry if too many questions.thx

  3. Allegra Summers

    I paid for a website three weeks later I was given the details, I couldn’t log in, then it took the company 2 days to send me the correct link. I’m trying to add my details, I go to save them. When I log back in, the details aren’t there, all extremely confusing. I’ve now been told it will cost me extra, I feel I’ve wasted money.

    1. YourEscortSite Post author

      Yep, quite possibly.

      It’s one of the reasons why, apart from the cost of registering the domain name if you do that though us, we’re “pay when happy”.

      It’s also why we prefer to use the WordPress software to create the sites: they are literally millions of people out there who know how to use it and can help if we ever disappear.

      Do you want to email the details, or at least who the ‘not evident where the value is’ bunch are?


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