Your own site for £49 or have a prettier one from £69.

That covers you for a year. After that, it’s £22 per year, with another £12ish pounds to renew a domain name.* Do some of the work (like registering the domain) yourself, and the first year’s cost will be less.

The itemised bill…

… or ‘what those figures include’

Domain registration: The cost depends on the domain extension – the bit(s) at the end of the domain name. Currently a costs £10+VAT=£12 for one year, and a .com £13+VAT=£15.60 for one year, for example. A wide range of alternative extensions exist, but typically cost more in exchange for people not remembering which one you picked.

Domain privacy (a fancy phrase for being the address the domain registrar insists on): £10 for a year. (Yes, that’s not cheap, but we’re paying £80 and you’d be sharing that cost.)

Website set up and basic design: £15 for a basic template site, with you writing all the text. We could write it from scratch, but then it wouldn’t be you. There are thousands of other escorts out there, and to stand out, it’s your working personality that needs to come across, not ours.

If you want a prettier design than a column of text under a basic banner and a menu, we can do that too – see our Templates page for some available choices – but this can cost £20 or £30 more.

Hosting: £12 for a year. We could charge by the month, but lots of smaller payments are more hassle for us.

Extra pages: free! It’s easy to create more yourself. You can go too wild doing this, but if you want to have a separate page talking about a particular service, for example, go for it.

Changes: free! Usually, anyway – if you want us to do a complete overhaul, we may tell you that it will cost something. But if you can use email, you should find it no problem to do most changes yourself.

Blog: free! And highly recommended too – as well as getting your working personality across like few other ways can manage, Google loves new content.

Email: free! But that’s because it’s way more sensible to use a ‘work’ email address you already have (or set up on Gmail etc) than to receive mail as ‘Name@YourDomainName’. We did offer this, but as it’s an additional level of hassle and you needed to trust that we don’t read your email (which we could have done) we stopped doing so in 2019.

Other work: If there’s something else, ask and we’ll give you a quote.

Remember, all of this counts as a business expense for tax purposes!

We care about your privacy

We do not need or want to know your name, address or card details: by using Amazon vouchers, we need to know nothing about you (it’s so anonymous, you need to tell us it’s you sending it) and there will be nothing incriminating on your card statement, but since a recent change by Amazon unless you buy them in a shop, we will see what Amazon think you are called for a couple of seconds.

Our basic philosophy

This is provided as help for other escorts. Support is on a ‘best effort’ basis: we don’t promise to fix everything in five minutes – if we can, we will, but sometimes you will have to wait.

If we mess up, we’ll pay for it, but we may ask you to pay to fix something that you’ve done. (Fortunately it’s quite difficult to mess up in a way you can’t fix yourself. It’s really easy to go back to any previous version of a page, for example.)

* (It used to be less, but Nominet, the self-appointed organisation in charge of most .uk domains unnecessarily increased the price of domain names and removed the discount for registering for more than one year. Perhaps it’s because of the costs of their unnecessary and arguably failed launch of ‘dot uk’. In any case, we’re just passing on the extra cost.)