Email is easiest: help (at) yourescortsite (dot) com

Please remember that we are part-time web geeks, offering this low-cost website option to independent escorts alongside our other work because we believe in the importance of industry workers having choices. For this reason, please allow up to 3 business days for a response to your email. We’re normally much quicker and the record for the time between initial contact and someone having a working website is under two hours.. (It’s more usually about a week, but the more you have ready, the quicker it is.)

OK, I want a site!

There are three things you will need to decide on, but none of them really need to be first, hence the numbering below:

a) Decide which domain name(s), the name of the site, you are interested in. This bit is the hardest to change – getting a new one is easy and fairly cheap, but you then have to update all of the places you’ve advertised it – so do make sure you are happy with it.

1) You’ll need some words (what you want to say on the site about you, what you offer and how much it will cost) and, very probably, pictures. You’ll be able to change them later, of course.

i) You’ll need to have some thoughts about what you’d like it to look like. Again, you can change this later, but switching between one design and another may cost some money.