Privacy matters

There is a lot of prejudice against prostitution* and so if you’re going to do sex work, your privacy is vitally important. There are people who show their faces on ads, but once you do that, you are potentially outing yourself to everyone you know and, possibly more importantly, ever will know.

So we take your privacy seriously. We take payments in Amazon vouchers, for example. This means that we do not need or want to know your real name, address or card details. It also means there will be nothing incriminating on your card statement.

And while we can do photo-editing to blur or otherwise conceal your face in photos, we’d prefer to talk you through doing it yourself.

* Anyone who tells you that escorting doesn’t involve having sex with clients is after your money. As with straight men escorting women, the market for non-sexual escorting is tiny so there are only two sorts of non-sexual ‘agencies’ out there: scams and those about to go out of business. (It’s easy to tell the difference – if they ask the ‘escorts’ for any money whatsoever before they have cash in their hand from a client, they’re a scam.)

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