New templates

Someone recently asked about having all their blog posts on the front page of the website. (Usually, they’re accessible from a special page of the site that displays the blog posts.) One of the advantages of using WordPress is that changing how a site looks is easy and this got me looking at themes that do that in a nicer way than usual.

After some tweaking,* there are now three more options for YES sites:

Cards on the table – ideal if you have plenty of pictures you are happy with, this uses a horizontal scroll on wide screens and a vertical one on phones etc.

All up front – again good for showing off your pictures. They are slightly smaller but scroll nicely up and down, including on mobiles, and there’s a menu to the right.

Coin – circles this time! The square picture on the top left is optional.

In all of them, the font and colours can be changed as desired…

* The changes to the themes these are based on available on request.

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