View our Portfolio page to see examples of websites that we’ve created for our current happy clients.

All YourEscortSite.com templates include:

  • Inbuilt flexibility so they look good and work well on any screen size, from mobile to tablet to desktop!
  • High-quality images and web fonts for individuality and flair
  • Free installation and a “touch up” once your content has been added to make sure that everything fits together perfectly

The following templates are available for a one-off cost of £20:

There’s also a darker version of White Haze available, if your primary photo has a darker background.

The following template is available for a one-off cost of £30, as they include certain special features:

At the moment, the other one that was previously here, ‘CloseUp’, isn’t available for new sites because changes in the WordPress software and have broken something in the theme code.

Someone recently asked about having all their blog posts on the front page of the website. (Usually, they’re accessible from a special page of the site that displays the blog posts.) One of the advantages of using WordPress is that changing how a site looks is easy and this got me looking at themes that do that in a nicer way than usual.

After some tweaking,* there are now three more options for YES sites:

Cards on the table – ideal if you have plenty of pictures you are happy with, this uses a horizontal scroll on wide screens and a vertical one on phones etc.

All up front – again good for showing off your pictures. They are slightly smaller but scroll nicely up and down, including on mobiles, and there’s a menu to the right.

Coin – circles this time! The square picture on the top left is optional.

In all of them, the font and colours can be changed as desired…

(In the past, custom templates have been done for a one-off cost of £100, including a guarantee that no-one else will be able to use the same design. At the moment, they’re not available as ‘Emily’ is concentrating on much better paid work.)

Contact us if you’d like to request a template for your YES website.

* The changes to the themes these are based on available on request.