Thinking of being an escort?

Looking at how people find this site via searches, it’s clear that some are at the ‘thinking about it’ stage of considering escorting via searches like “Should I use a new name as an escort?” (yes, you should!)

The three most important things to know:

  1. The market for non-sexual escorting is tiny, despite what the scams eager for their ‘registration fees’ tell you. If you were a client, which would you rather do? Pay hundreds of pounds (what the scams promise) for chatting for a few hours with ‘non-sexual escort’ or pay typically rather less for an escort who will be happy to talk but who you can also be sexual with? 99% of escort bookings involve you being sexual…
  2. .. with men. Anyone telling you there is a market for ‘straight male escorts’ is after your money (and it’s not much better for lesbian escorts). Exactly why so few women want to pay directly for sex is an interesting question, but the main specialist sexual health clinic in London has seen over eight hundred male escorts in the past few years. Only eleven had any female clients (and eight of them had mostly male ones!)
  3. Go to for some wonderful advice and support from people in the industry. It’s best if you do that before starting – there are lots of pitfalls to avoid – but if you are already a sex worker, you’ll be welcome.

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